New year New journal

So it’s halfway through January and mainly we’ve been surrounded by grey skies here on the south coast. Today however the sun is shining and the spirits are lifted by the sight.


Anyway I thought I’d share my new journal with you. I’ve been keeping a journal for about three years and find it a great way of tracking jobs, events, ideas and life in general. One thing I’m not so keen on is having to redo those permanent pages (birthdays, meal plans, etc) each time I change notebook. So this year I’m trying the filofax clipbook.

I’ve added a couple of post its to the cover to help me be organised!

I’ve not used a ringbinder notebook before so I’m finding those rings a little bit irritating, they do get in the way. I do take a page out to set up but………. not ideal. davdav


I like that I can set up pages and just keep them and that I can put my own paper in. I’ve used a selection including some sketch book sheets as I like the thickness. I even made my own file dividers using some gorgeous prints from a Claire Leggett calendar. Go and take a look at her website it’s full of gorgeousness, I adore her work.


I’m so happy with these, I smile every time I open my journal and see those gorgeous flowers.  I’m happy with my key page too I even added some weather tracking icons, just because I’m a weather freak!


The main reason for using a clipbook was so that I don’t have to remake these pages.


I like keeping these pages to see where we’ve adventured to but also to remind us of places we’ve yet to explore.


And project pages are one of my favourites, just to keep on top of all those things that need doing to keep everything up together.


So that’s it I’m pretty well set up and ready to go for another year of fun.

Do you use a journal? What works for you, what doesn’t? I’d love to hear from you.





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